Regret and Restment

Comfort and ease over principles and others took the jab on principle and later regretted it. [Getty Images]

After a year and a half of lockdowns, coercion, threats, and mandates, countries have started to treat COVID like the flu. A year ago, this was purported by the media to be medical heresy in the United States and most European countries. Currently WHO disagrees with these decisions and it would be worthy to investigate why countries now find it in their best interest to do so. Many cases of the disease still exist and hospitals have staff shortages. It is certainly not because the disease has entirely lessened or simply disappeared. In fact, some would agrue this past winter was more vicious than the previous.

Mainstream media outlets report treating COVID-19 like the flu is acceptable due to the fact that many have been vaccinated, while for others this is considered a grave mistake since vaccination does not prevent contracting COVID but just limits the symptoms of the disease.

While vaccinations may not be as enforced or demanded as before, it is still existing – at least until the courts intervene. I have listened to those who have received vaccinations when it was mandatory and willingly they complied to their company, school, or country demands, and some have said they will not take a booster because of their first experience with their selected Western vaccine*. Some experienced extreme fatigue that lasted for months, others were hospitalized and refused to get the second dosage for fear what might happen to them if they did. Others have received permentant heart or organ damage, some the rare Bell’s palsy, and still others have experienced weird skin rashes and anomalies. All of these experiences contribute to real hestitancy and a point of view this is a pharmaceutical charade. Of course, there are many who ignore the fine print or what has happened to their friends and family, and fear or compliance will drive them to take it anyway.

People who were vehemently against taking the vaccine for various personal reasons of the unethical contents or they felt natural immunity was stronger, yet they succumbed to taking the jab for ease and comfort of travel or to cease the bullying from family and society. They stated they felt like traitors to their personal beliefs. I wonder how they feel about their decision now when it is no longer needed.

How many will accept this political turnaround from the United States, England, and Denmark governments without anger or bitterness? Will they question why this has not been done sooner before their small business went to ruins or before their body was permentantly damanged? Before their children had to suffer for months with anxiousness, fear, instability, academic issues, and much more due to political whims and fancies? Before they received pay deductions or lost their job for months?

These political deliberations have not been wholly based on scientific evidence or reasoning. I excuse the first six months when all countries around the world were grappling and searching for answers, but the remaining time since then has none especially after the recent actions of our governments. Other countries have truly been constantly evolving their policies in the Pandemic based on scientific findings of the disease and the vaccines themselves. Some countries have not mandated vaccinations or give a wide variety to choose from (not just the Western ones) due the multiple variations of people who physically cannot take it without bodily harm or ethical reasons. They give complete informed consent to those who want it, and others do not allow Moderna in their country due to death or other unsaid effects on their populations. Even more controversial to the West, but it was been working well for those populations, allowing their doctors and pharmacies to use treatments like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as part of their prescriptive medical protocol.

I truly hope people will not just “keep calm and carry on,” but deeply think about all of this and not accept it as normal and an act of appeasement or care from their governments due to protests or restistance. I hope they ponder well and tangibly act at the next U.S. Congressional and British Parliamentary elections and vote men and women in who will make sound decisions for them based on their consent and supposed country ideals of freedom and autonomy. If we truly believe in republic liberty and justice, we need leaders who exemplify and execute it for us.

*I say Western because the following symptoms do not seem to exist in the Chinese Sinopharm or Sinovac vaccines given in other countries. It is unclear at this time of the contents or side effects from the Russian Sputnik vaccine.

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I grew up in California, and I am a person of "many hats." It was listening to the tales of adventures and mishaps of my father at a young age that inspired me to travel, and later to follow the courageous legacy of both my grandmothers. I have lived on four continents, and after I have seen, learned, I am now sharing.

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