Great hubris and foolishness always lead to one destination: destruction.

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In recent days the international news has blown up with the “Russian-Ukraine” “Crisis”, “Stand Off” or “Russian Invasion”. Two days ago it was reported 120,000 Russian troops are on the border of Ukraine. Yet, the U.S. states only to send 8,500 troops to Ukraine and no clear numbers from England. Three days ago this was given with a supposed 40,000 “NATO response troops“. As of this moment, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says they will not deploy troops to Ukraine.

Russia has NATO easily out-numbered. Parts of the West are aware of this, and when it comes to military might, they do not want to engage in traditional warfare knowing they have the upper hand. The United States of America and England do not seem to hold to this same opinion as they continue to provoke and pick a conflict with the Great Bear.

With Russian nuclear submarines hovering over the West’s internet cables and their Russian hacker army posed to attack in various ways, it is not seen how any sanctions or bloodbath will allow the West to succeed. Some might argue that the New Mexico cyberattacks were Russians giving the U.S. a taste of what is to come.

The East, Africa, South America, and arguably many in Europe have long awaited the demise of the United States and England for its arrogance and pride throughout history. And with the fallout of Biden’s pull out of Afghanistan this past year, no one can fully trust the U.S. to have its back.

With Europe standing to lose far too much if they engage in any kind of war, Germany, France, and possibly many others, will most likely bow out leaving a stand-off not being between NATO and Russia over Ukraine, but a proxy war between three countries: the United States and England against Russia.

If this is the case, no matter what furture events unfold, I do not see the West coming out of this well.

I strongly suggest backing up important online documents and beloved photos now, and you think about how products are distributed to your location and what will be affected by such actions of our governments. If you think you cannot live without the internet, I suggest you begin thinking of alternative activities to Netflix binges, Facebook and TikTok scrolling.

The Pandemic was difficult, but it will not compare to what is coming.

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I grew up in California, and I am a person of "many hats." It was listening to the tales of adventures and mishaps of my father at a young age that inspired me to travel, and later to follow the courageous legacy of both my grandmothers. I have lived on four continents, and after I have seen, learned, I am now sharing.

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