Are digital currencies truly sustainable and what does it have to do with Ukraine?

LONDON, ENGLAND – APRIL 25: In this photo illustration of the litecoin, ripple and ethereum cryptocurrency ‘altcoins’ sit arranged for a photograph on April 25, 2018 in London, England. Cryptocurrency markets began to recover this month following a massive crash during the first quarter of 2018, seeing more than $550 billion wiped from the total market capitalisation. (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

In the last couple of days, the world has hit an all-time inflation high. For years, people like former U.S. Congressman Ron Paul have advocated the dangers of the Federal Reserve and how we have handled our finances. What is not being discussed comprehensively is after every major military conflict, there is a shift in monetary and political power. To be sure, the United States is not going to come out of this alive. From poking and harassing the Bear in Russia to the open release of documents in the United Nations of the U.S. Biolabs in Ukraine, nations are angry and want revenge. Then there is the problem of a rising power that will truly overcome us: China. Ray Dalio has an excellent book exploring these concepts, Principles Dealing with the Changing World Order: Why Nations Succeed and Fail, and if you do not have time to read it, then check out his forty-five-minute condensed video of it.

This brings us to the war in Ukraine.

The dollar is going to fall and it will no longer be the reserved currency in the future after this proxy war with Russia is over. This will happen not necessarily because Russia will win, but because we made the fatal mistake of not having Russia as our ally against the real counter-power – China.

President Biden has called for a digital dollar earlier this month. Why is this alarming? For two reasons. #1 Digitial currencies are not sustainable and #2 digital currencies at the end of the day can be easily controlled by any dictatorship.

Media and businesses speak openly about fossil fuel dependency problems and possible shortages in the future, but one does not hear about the coming electronic and tech monopoly or collapse. Any aware consumer or Greenpeace advocate can tell you that much of our tech – if not all electronics – are created with planned obsolescence, and now and then we will hear about where all electronics go to die. Yet, are you aware that much of our tech is made with rare earth minerals and that 80-90% of it is controlled by China? Did you know there are already tensions growing in the international waters to deep-sea mine for it? It is completely unsustainable. And as far as countries having to buy or get access to the resources needed for their high-end electronics, they will need to pay the Chinese piper to get it.

China is currently the closest to obtaining a digital currency. Why would the interest be there? For them, it could be a glorification of Chinese progress. It can reasonably be accomplished with the resources they own. However, I am willing to bet my falling George Washington bill, it is really about controlling their citizens and any future country using their currency. They already have the highest form of mass surveillance coupled with an excellent social system to control the everyday man. Once they have an electronic currency, at a single touch they can manipulate, threaten, or pressure people with absolute authority over their monetary livelihood. No more saving money under the mattress for an escape to the land of the free. If physical money is outlawed, no one can choose to pay for goods, transport, and services but with their digital means. The implications of this are absolutely frightening. Frankly, I am wondering why North Korea has not already pitched the idea and tried it. Well, we already know the answer to that, they do not have the resources for such tech. If they did, they would.

My prediction may seem ridiculous and silly, but others in finance have not just speculated about such things but firmly believe it and are insisting on as many of us as possible to participate in #cashfridays.

There is still hope admid this forecast. We can advocate for responsible merchandise that is designed to last with both new laws and social pressure on companies. If we do not have the Congress, Supreme Court, or President to agree with their constituents about this, we need to vote them out and get the ones who will. We can create awareness and think strategically by not allowing our country to participate in creating or using digital currencies due to the insecurity, lack of freedom, and unsustainability of it. We need to think long-term and for the benefit of all mankind, not just the controlling few.

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