Deconstructing Netflix’ “The Family” – a convenient deflection for who is really running the show.

Warning: contains spoilers.

Netflix’ so-called documentary “The Family” is a masterful work of the vilification of sincere good hearted Christians and exposing the truth of some men using the name of Jesus as a manipulation tool to do their own will and agenda in the U.S. government. The documentary is divided into five episodes: “Submersion”, “Chosen,” “New World Order”, “Dictators, Murderers & Thieves”, and “Wolf King.” Jess Moss and Jeff Sharlet postulate in this film that a private and shadowy “Christian” ring runs the United States and exhorts powerful influence in over 100 countries.

To the unthinking and ignorant Democratic, Libertarian, or Conservative Trump-hater voter, this supposed documentary feeds one’s worst nightmare: our democratic freedom is being stripped away not only by the Elites, but those very Elites and Establishment are actually authoritarian gnostic religious Nazi loving zealots! I knew it along! To top off all great Patriotic fears, Moss and Sharlet were sure to include and infer ties of the evil “Christian” cabal being the real reason for the “Russian collusion”. A stroke of genius.

I really hope Americans who watch this think film analyze carefully all points being said, not to mention who the makers of the film are.

“The Family” gives a paradox of men who call themselves Christian in government. Some men in the film genuinely seem to be followers of the basic theology of Jesus Christ. However, it deviates when it begins to say that others in the Family value brotherhood and power in “The Fellowship” more important than the actual teachings of Jesus – clearly portraying them as a cult. It furthers this with Sharlet’s allegation that there is a gnostic belief that only those in the “inner circle” can truly know or understand all of it. It repeats this theme throughout the episodes and yet gives no actual evidence of any of it.

In one masterfully creepy scene, an actor who is suppose to play a Mentor to these Initiate young men [the documentary states that it is dramatized and some things that are said are not directly quoted from actual people of “The Family”] is introduced with, “So, you are here to learn to rule the world….Let’s say I hear one of you sitting here raped three little girls. What do you think I would think of you?”

A young Family Initiate actor replies, “uh…that I’m a terrible person?”

The Family Mentor actor shakes his head no and says, “That’s not why I’m here. I’m not here to judge you. I’m here for one thing. What is that?”

“Jesus?” replies the Initiate, and the Mentor smiles and nods his head.

From watching this, one can speculate a vaporous and shadowy web that every Public Official or Celebrity who has gotten off with a crime has done so or is supported by The Family who is equated to as the Mafia or Nazis in the film. This of course is a bit over dramatic and interesting considering the authors’ ethnic background. Yet, for this supposed “Jesus + nothing” belief that Sharlet and Moss say The Family has, it shows contradictory evidence and in some instances shed positive light of the do gooding of the Family members.

They interview and talk about two Family “members” who had affairs and how the Family tried to get them to repent and do what is right in Christianity’s point of view. In both examples, the Family fail but it is clear they did their part as well as they could except in the case of one. They allegedly support anti-LGBTQ+ legislation abroad (Romania and Uganda) and helped release the two Libyan terrorists to receive their due trial and punishment in the United Kingdom. I am confused and unsure how Congressmen making influence abroad on various issues should be shocking. Sharlet tries to give a scary picture of one Congressman giving influence on anti-LGBTQ+ issues, but anyone who knows Congress knows Liberals have done the same with abortion laws or financial support for abortion in African countries. Yet how they misconstrue the Family of being evil for having ties with dictators is humorous.

The two examples they give is one awful Dictator in Nigeria and Gaddafi in Libya. Sharlet infers it is an unthinkable thing to do, to reach out and try to change an evil person or use them to further any “Christian good act.” Yet one must pause when it comes to the instance of The Family’s almost meeting with Gaddafi. They end up succeeding to get justice for the victims and families of the Lockerbie Bombing by influencing Gaddafi to release the terrorists to Scotland. They succeeded where no official government agent could. So although Moss and Sharlet try to paint The Family as an Elite organization that has no scruples and power hungry, their actual evidence is extremely poor in the film. However, some viewers might believe it through their use of imagery and grandiose storytelling.

Sharlet very clearly links Conservative and Christian support of President Trump’s election to the Family’s influence and the alleged Family’s belief that people are “Chosen” by God to be in Office. If one is in Office, then it’s the Family’s duty to serve and help them. This does bring forth some imperative points that American Christians must address now and before the next election in 2020.

It is truly insane that many Conservatives or Christians support President Trump almost blindly. It is one thing to respect the Office, it is another to justify bad words or deeds. The film brings out some great footage that pointly reveals that President Trump is not someone who follows Jesus Christ, or he is an absolute carnal newbie to the faith. Yes, he might be a good or even great wordly businessman or Politician – but that does not make one a Christian.

Sharlet inferes – and perhaps twists – the Family and Christians belief that no one is perfect, and therefore since man is weak his sinful actions are justifiable and forgivable. Yes in Christianity you can be forgiven and you are justified by the blood of Jesus, but it never excuses sin and says to continue to live in it. It says quite the opposite in the Bible, and it seems Sharlet knows this, and is alarmed that some in the Family do not walk in it.

You will know them by their fruit.

Moss and Sharlet also point out in the film the idea that some Christian leaders think President Trump is “God’s man” or is divinely “Chosen” for the role.

God can use anyone, including a donkey; but it does not mean it is God’s best or His will. God used the donkey because of the stubbornness and greed of Balaam, but it does not mean it was His perfect will. Thus Sharlet’s footage and alleged ideas of The Family’s view of Jesus’ unconditional love with little judgement or accountability does fit well with how Christians have licked the heels of a “Wolf King” – President Trump.

For Conservatives and Christians of both Parties this poses a grave threat. How can one support the idea that President Trump is a Christian or God’s best with how he speaks to others or is easily angered? According to Christian Scripture one is suppose to stay away from such people. It is understandable that people did not have much of a choice between him and Hillary Clinton in the last election, but the upcoming one? What is the excuse? Are there not better Conservative candidates to support in the next election?

The timing of Netflix’ release of such a film by Jewish authors is interesting. Although it portrays a secretive group of Christians to be the ones with the greatest influence in Washington, as one Blogger said,

” If this Christian ‘cabal’ is so powerful, why can’t they get a Christian cross erected on the White House lawn at Christmas, but your fellow Jews have no problem getting their monstrous menorrah put up every year?  Why does every elected politician have to attend the annual AIPAC meeting or risk losing their funding?  Why is President Trump supporting legislation to make criticism of Jews and Israel illegal, but no such legislation against criticizing those powerful Christians who control him?”

It is a sound point. If they are so powerful, why can’t they? Or make “all things Christian” and stop non-Christian Congress members like Rashida and Ilhan getting elected? Or how Hollywood and the Media have increasingly gotten away with such violent, immoral, and hostile language towards Christian beliefs or Christians themselves?

Towards the end of the final episode a fascinating and somewhat humorous scene happens. The Director Jesse Moss is allowed to attend a Prayer Breakfast in a western State, but only if he participates in it. During the meeting an old White man asks him somewhat aggressively, “How come you don’t have any Black men on your team?” [Half of that Prayer Breakfast includes Black men and one particular Breakfast seems to be run by a strong Black Christian] Moss stammers about how the industry has not been good about diversity and how they are trying to work on that. It would be in an interesting documentary to compare the so called “secretive” Family and the Media to see who is really power hungry, influential, and working for the Elite.

The conclusion is this. This documentary brings vital issues for Christians and Conservatives to address before the next election if they are going to have credibility domestically or internationally with political candidates. Christians must follow Scripture instead of watering down their beliefs, otherwise there is no difference between them and the “non-believer.” They also need to look into creating greater accountability within Christendom. Other than that, this film is just one more of the many Hollywood Elite productions that have been created to irk, bring strife, and divide emotional and mindless Americans against one another.

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