Why all we hope for won’t work.

Within the last decade Ted Diamandis spoke about the wonderful possibilities of an abundant future because more brilliant people would be collaborating together online to build a marvelous world. It was probably one of the most inspiring and thought provoking Talks I had heard that year.

I hope he’s right.

On Twitter, Facebook, and even here on WordPress, I see a calamity of frustration, hate, and snarky opinions of people who are almost physically fighting for their beliefs on the Web. It’s a war of words. Many roots of these Tweets, Posts or Longreads seem to stem from a good heart: equality, love of humanity, repentance, responsibility of the environment, liberty, freedom, and justice for all. Yes of course, many more are probably in it for fame and fortune which is the Pharmakeia of our present evils and social ills. But no matter what their political ideology or cultural social stances are, it all will come to nothing unless they wake up and take action.

And no, I am not talking about violence.

The American people have blinded themselves to useless and dead political parties that are nothing but a hollow puppet shell. Screaming Tweets about how the Democrats are killing the country to foul mouthed uncensored and illogical people about Republicans being ignorant, stupid, and white supremacists (as if Republicans are only white). All of it is vanity.


It has been detailed with government documents that select people in the US government and its many agencies have been involved in using illegal activities to make money as well as to facilitate inadvertently or knowingly harmful activities against our communities. And it is this that the average Democrat or Republican citizen do not seem to understand or want to admit. It does not matter whether it is a Democrat or Republican in office; these subversive decisions will continue to take place with bipartisan leadership in Congress until we all come together and stand as American citizens against such policies like FASAB 56. These decisions have happened against us with both Democrat and Republican Presidents and Congress in office. It has been a bipartisan effort.

You want to #BuildtheWall because you think somehow it will stop or limit illegal immigration, drug, gun, or human trafficking? You are wrong. Any person who has good friends in any department of Law Enforcement or Homeland Security will tell you that there is a long history of illegal activity or “corruption” of those who work in Border Patrol. Now of course, Catherine Austin Fitts will tell you it is not corruption or incompetency: it is a system. Are you understanding this? A wall will not stop such things, it will just be a $20+ billion mechanism to control the flow of money and illegal activities they have established to procreate funds for unknown purposes around the world.

You think that having a Democrat POTUS or in Congress will be America’s saving grace by passing #guncontrol legislation to stop the crazies from getting their hands on a weapon and going on a shooting spree? You are wrong. They will still get their hands on weapons. Why? Because weapons are money, and money is needed in order to fund whatever it is they do not want us to know in the passing of FASAB 56.

This FASAB 56 ruling is unconstitutional and gives them the right to make decisions with U.S. taxpayers money and illegal revenue as they please. This means no oversight of what money, how much, and where and how it is being used. Even if I was not an American citizen I would be concerned about this. Annual of unreported billions or trillions of dollars can fund small armies around the world. Our shameful and intrusive foreign policy is a fact and causes many problems for our global U.S. citizens and businesses. From Super Powers to the small islands I would be shaking in my boots at the idea of the U.S. government having trillions to fund whatever covert operations as they please. For those who would like to scream and say, “See! We told you Trump is a fascist dictator!” This has been happening way before President Trump and President Obama and is well documented. I suppose some conspiracy theorist out there would say the wheel has been turning since President Kennedy was assassinated. This is beyond any U.S. President.

Think about it. How is it that Jeffrey Epstein – and all those in power with him – have gotten away with illegal sex crimes with minors or possibly even sex slaves up until now IN THE UNITED STATES? This is not Pakistan, Thailand, China, or some dictator African run country. How is it that we can find any form of slavery in our “land of the brave and and free” ? It’s a $20 billion dollar industry. That is why. It is a form of income. Interestingly enough, California is the highest U.S. State with this horrendous activity and human deprivation of dignity. One would think that the State of the Almighty Democrats would do something about it especially since a third of all human trafficking victims are minority children. Cry over that Alyssa Milano. Sad to say, every year the statistics have been getting worse not better. IF, and this is a big IF, it really deeply concerns some Hollywood stars and celebrities and Democrat and Republican Pundits, then they must fight the real problem and not made up political ghost stories and social vapors. Except for a few like Ashton Kutcher, I think we will only continue to hear their Tweet wailing with no positive action because perhaps some of them too make money from dark activities; even if that only means stirring up the unthinking emotional social pot of Americans.

The same goes with child pornography. It is one of the fastest rising heinous trades in our country. Explain to me how with our mass surveillance systems, large law enforcement, and supposed caring politicians this morbid atrocity could be flourishing? The only conclusion is it is allowed until we demand it is not.

American Patriots of all kinds – it does not matter what political party, creed, race, or religion you are from, Activists, NGO workers, and real American Patriot Public Servants must come together to destroy the System that is annihilating our country. Tucker Carlson was right about one thing, the root of our issues it is about economics – money – not race. It reaches far beyond immigration issues and whether or not we make cars or tech in America anymore. All of that does not matter if there is another System that facilitates criminal activity, makes backroom deals with global corporations, passes unconstitutional laws, and orchestrates or allows destructive activity upon our communities all for the sake of money.

$21 TRILLION missing U.S. government dollars.

And this was covered over a decade ago in respected newspapers and not just Congressional whistleblowers like Catherine Austin Fitts or Mike Lofgren. Think about what has been accumulating and done since then. Democrats talk about how important a healthcare system is that helps everyone. GREAT. Why not take some of the billions of the annual unreported money and put that into it? Why did they not do this – other than the legal and moral issues it poses?? Government officials talk about wanting to improve our educational system, job training, and the list goes on, and they pretend – and I do mean pretend – to fight about how they cannot pass a budget for the running of our country, and yet there are trillions of USD that is being passed around and used for something that has nothing to do with US citizens. Republicans, do not think somehow you are exempt from this either. The Republicans in Congress worked in a bipartisan effort to pass FASAB 56.

Is there any good news in all of this? Yes. There is strong talk that there are still many excellent Public Servants who want to abolish this System as much as the informed and thinking American Democrat, Republican, Independent, and Libertarian Patriots. But they are scared. I suppose rightly so after what we have seen with Gary Webb, Jeffrey Epstein and the like. The only way to clean our country of this is not to fight over political ideology, root causes of social ills or jobs, but to stand as one with them and fearlessly topple the System.

Let us start by working together to abolish the FASAB 56 ruling, and hold every person involved in what is left of the Jeffrey Epstein case accountable.

Published by The Trekking Thinker

I grew up in California, and I am a person of "many hats." It was listening to the tales of adventures and mishaps of my father at a young age that inspired me to travel, and later to follow the courageous legacy of both my grandmothers. I have lived on four continents, and after I have seen, learned, I am now sharing.

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